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Since 2003, ORINK has been focusing on the production and research of paper coating. At present, we have been equipped with 11 coating machine lines to facilitate us an annual coating of over 50 million square meters. We have employed 105 technical workers and 5 professional researchers. In additional, we have been keeping close contact with research institutes in a number of universities and colleges, which are constantly upgrading our technology and making our products quality be steadier.

The company has started research on and development of absorbing layer(ink absorbing layer/laser coating) of image recording material since 2003, and has launched part of its products into the market in 2005, including waterproof glossy photo paper, waterproof matt inkjet paper, double-side matt inkjet paper, self adhesive photo paper and disc paper. These products have been well commented by users for their excellent color representation, waterproof and fadeless performances and stability of quality.

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