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Orink is focusing on building a hi-tech, hi-speed and productive R&D Center that incorporates the consumables and computer groups. This combined Research and Technology Team serves as an integrated information technology resources, providing our customers with a one-stop shop in meeting their IT products needs.
By combining the R&D staff with the Engineering Design group, Orink Infotech has formed a team environment that is unmatched by others. The Engineering staff’s expertise with current technologies and their broad understanding of customer needs provides the R&D group with invaluable insight into future display needs, allowing them to become more customer focused. In turn, our Engineering staff benefits from the innovative solutions and different perspective to problem solving provided by the R&D department. This team approach helps Orink Infotech develop and better understand current customer needs as well as future customer needs.
The development of the R&D Center emphasizes Orink's goal of technology innovation and the company’s drive to become a leading information products company in China.



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